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Strawberry Shortcake Cream on Top!

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m OBSESSED with cake! But often times I find that my funds are low so on many occasions I have to bypass the spots where I can get my cake fix. When I’m really going through withdrawal and my addiction gets the best of me, I do what I gotta do. That means I head to the kitchen, cookbook in hand, and I raid the cabinets for ingredients that can be combined into something that will suffice.

Claude DeLucca served as my savior in my latest breakdown. Her book 68 Original and Authentic Desserts and Recipes served as my scripture. There was nothing I needed more than 68 options for dessert. However, I must admit, I feel like DeLucca should’ve incorporated the word “pudding” into her cookbook title because about half of the recipes are pudding recipes. Pudding is great but I’m no Bill Cosby when it comes to it. I’m more of a pastry girl so I found the recipes for “Maria’s Strawberry Shortcake” much more feasible for my purpose.

The recipe was short and sweet, just how I like it. It called for:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of lard
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

*Butter or shortening can be used as a substitute for lard.

Bake ten or fifteen minutes in a good hot oven. Split and fill with mashed and sweetened berries. Cover with whipped cream and garnish with whole berries.


Voila! Sweet tooth satisfaction!

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Almond Moon Cookies and Me

Before I begin, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ameena and I have a mean sweet tooth. I might be the only person I know that gets a toothache from NOT eating sweets…thats how real it is. I’m no master chef, but I love to experiment, even if it goes terribly wrong (which it does from time to time). Above all, I’m just a skinny black girl with a bottomless pit for a stomach.

So, today was an unfulfilling day………..okay let me be real: IT WAS BORING AS ALL HELL!!! The weather depressed me and made me wish I was home in my bed taking a 3-hour nap, waking up to eat, use the bathroom, and then going back to sleep! Work was dead!! Like really! It was freezing cold in that office and just too quiet for me. If it wasn’t for the computer in front of me and the occasional phone ring, I might have thought I was in an Alaskan mortuary! Smh. I tried to hang in there but I couldn’t do it. I did something I’m ashamed to admit but phuket these things happen……I fell asleep at work. My coworker passed by and woke me up (lucky for me she’s also my cousin) and we just laughed. If it were anyone else I would’ve had to be quick on my toes and try to play it off. (I always thought that if I ever got caught sleeping I would just say “In Jesus name, AMEN” and told whoever that I was just saying a short prayer. Who can argue with that?)

So in an attempt to stay awake, I went on and browsed through the Top 100 Free Kindle Books. Sweetness: Delicious Baked Treats for Every Occasion by Sarah Levy was somewhere in the top ten, so I figured why not? Free and informative; can’t beat that.


So I had the book, I began flipping through the pages, only half interested because one, my kindle is in black and white and that took all the thrill out of the pictures and two, because I was half asleep and not in much of a mood to read a black and white cookbook. But anyway, I flipped to the recipes and I had to laugh at the first recipe I stumbled upon, The Almond Moon Cookie.

I wasn’t laughing at the recipe itself, or the name of it. I was laughing at the opening line on the page. “Do you sometimes feel sluggish in the late afternoon? These almond moon cookies will give you just the jolt you need.” Smh, Sarah boo I need these like right now!

So I leave work early, still depressed because I have to go home and do a ish load of homework. Now, little miss Sarah said that her moms’ almond moon cookies give you energy right? Great! I think I’ll put them to the test! If she lied, I shall sue her….just kidding……….maybe.

So I gather all my supplies….


and I say to myself “It’s about to go DOWN!” (Kevin Hart voice)

I’m getting my chef Boyardee on, when suddenly tragedy strikes..


one of the damn whisk on the hand mixer breaks! Granny is NOT going to be happy when she finds out about this! But I can’t stop now! One whisk just gotta do the work of two! Like Granny always says, “One monkey don’t stop no show.”

So I keep doing my thing, following miss Sarah Levy’s directions…..well not exactly, she said to make them into nice round balls (pause) so they resemble a full moon, but I really didn’t feel like it, not tonight….

ImageSo at this point, I’m looking at these unbaked cookies thinking that this was a bad idea. I tasted the cookie dough and I was not pleased at all. It tasted bland as hell. But I went too far to not finish the job. So into the oven they go!


Imageabout thirty five minutes later, they come out looking good and smelling good too! Who would’ve thought?


I let them cool, and put the finishing touches on these bad boys….



I call in my test dummy…..


She gives me two thumbs up, and I pat myself on the back. But before I gloat too much… I have to see for myself….



Seal of Approval! Can’t speak for the energy part yet but the cookie itself is mmm mmm good!


Here’s the link to Sarah Levy’s website and the recipe for Almond Moon Cookies for those of you who want to try it yourselves.


Oh yeah, before I go I gotta say R.I.P. to the homie B&D. Gone but not forgotten.



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