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V-DAY: Red, White, and Pink All Over

02.14; V-Day; The Day of Love; Valentine’s Day…..Whatever you want to call it, that day is approaching rapidly. Every year around this time I get sickened at the sight of those overly emotional and mushy couples that go to extremes in an attempt to display their love and affection. It is not jealousy or loneliness that sparks these repulsive feelings I have towards Valentine’s Day. I just feel like it is a pointless holiday. I mean, if your in love then everyday should be Valentine’s Day right? My boyfriend of almost five long years cannot wrap his head around the fact that I don’t like Valentine’s Day. He likes celebrating the holiday and all its ridiculousness so for him I try to put my feelings to the side and be a team player.

I thought it might be nice to read something that might get me into the Valentine’s Day spirit so I downloaded a free short story from Amazon entitled The Panty Dropper by Liv Morris. With a name like that, I thought “Okay, this has to be good.”


The story is about 26 year old Emily who, like me, hates Valentine’s Day. She confesses:

           When the calendar turns to February, I dread the upcoming parade of roses and candy. And stupid red hearts appearing everywhere, seeming to mock me and my singleness.

Her and her best friend, Monica, plan a Valentine’s Day pity party for two but things diverge for Emily when the Panty Dropper unexpectedly shows up. Download the story and read it for yourself if you care to know what goes down!

So I broke down after all and decided to do something “cute,” “sweet,” and terribly cliche for Valentine’s Day. I decided that I would give my honey chocolates. But it would be done in my own fashion and I would get something out of this too. I decided to make chocolate lollipops instead of giving generic store bought ones. He gets his chocolate and I get to have fun making them.

Sometime ago, I purchased some candy molds for dirt cheap. There was some Valentine’s Day ones mixed in the bunch and they actually came in handy.

Candy Mold

The rest was pretty simple. I purchased some chocolate candy melts from a local store, melted them, then let my artistic side take control. 

Let’s hope my hard work doesn’t go unappreciated!


❤Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

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